Unless otherwise stated in the specific conditions of the contract, the general conditions of sale below apply to the services provided by the company VIR by JP, for the entire duration of the contract. They define the reciprocal commitments of VIR by JP and its principal. These conditions may be modified regularly by the company VIR by JP, including during the duration of the contract. These General Terms and Conditions can be consulted at any time on the website www.vir.fr or on the Horizon portal portail-virbyjp.com


VIR by JP, Simplified Joint Stock Company with share capital of €2,234,112 whose head office is located Route de Romans, 26260 Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse, France (RCS number B 333 784 676 ROMANS), hereinafter referred to as ” VIR by JP”, specializes in the road transport of local freight in France and internationally on behalf of its professional ordering customers and their end-consumer recipient customers.

In addition to the information available on the VIR by JP institutional website (www.vir.fr), the following information is communicated in accordance with the provisions of article L.111-2 of the Consumer Code. VIR by JP is registered on the list of companies registered in the goods and brokerage registers.
As such, VIR by JP France holds:

A license for the domestic transport of goods by road for hire or rental of industrial vehicles with driver intended for the transport of goods, carried out by vehicles not required to hold a Community license (Number 2021/84 /0002483), issued by the ministry responsible for transport through the prefect of Lyon (69)
A certificate of registration in the register of freight forwarders, issued by the ministry responsible for transport through the prefect of Lyon (69)
An authorization to practice the profession of public road transport operator using motorized vehicles, issued by DREAL Auvergne-Rhône Alpes
A license for the community transport of goods by road on behalf of others n°2021/84/0002480, issued by the ministry responsible for transport through the prefect of Lyon (69)

VIR by JP is subject to value added tax and identified by an individual number in application of article 286 ter of the general tax code: intra-community VAT FR51 333 784 676.

Support conditions
Prerequisites for transportation

The principal is required to give in good time the necessary and precise instructions for the execution of VIR by JP’s mission, no liability can be attributed to VIR by JP in the event of an erroneous, incomplete or provided declaration or documents. tardily. Any particular instructions for injection into the VIR by JP network or for delivery must be the subject of a written order and renewed for each shipment and must have been expressly accepted by the VIR by JP company.

Goods not authorized in the VIR by JP network

The delivery of the goods to the company VIR by JP entails immediate and unreserved acceptance of the terms described in the general conditions of sale. These conditions may only be waived within the framework of specific conditions stipulated in the contract binding VIR by JP to its principal or through amendments to this same contract.

VIR by JP’s principals are prohibited from handing over to VIR by JP goods falling under national and international regulations on dangerous products or, more generally, products presenting a danger to the environment, people or the means of production of the company VIR by JP, such as, without this list being exhaustive:

Explosive, radioactive, flammable, toxic materials
Weapons and ammunition, even artificial
And in general all goods classified as dangerous by the conventions, laws or regulations in force, and in particular those meeting the criteria and regulatory requirements of the ADR (decree of June 1, 2001 as amended and its successive amendments)
Valuable objects such as precious metals, jewelry, timepieces, precious and semi-precious stones, means of payment of all kinds, works of art, lunch vouchers, gift vouchers, etc.
Live or dead animals, human ashes, funerary relics
Narcotics and psychotropic drugs
Tobacco and alcohol
Counterfeit products
Publications/audiovisual media prohibited by law
Food/perishable and plant foodstuffs

In the event that the ordering party nevertheless decides to entrust this type of ineligible goods, they will be transported at its own risk, thus guaranteeing VIR by JP against any recourse to which the latter would be subject for non-compliance with laws and regulations. An infringement of this type on the part of the principal gives complete freedom to VIR by JP to dispose of the goods as it deems appropriate and the principal agrees to bear the costs incurred by these decisions. Thus, VIR by JP will be authorized to refuse the goods and return them to its principal, at the latter’s expense. VIR by JP reserves the right to open packages or X-ray them, so as to be able to verify their contents and compliance with the transport restrictions described above.

Volume forecasts

Each year before December 20, the order giver will be required to communicate to VIR by JP the volumes of transport orders that he considers he wants to entrust to VIR by JP for the coming year, on a monthly basis.

In addition, before the 20th of month M-1, the principal will be required to communicate to VIR by JP the volumes of transport orders that he estimates to have to entrust to it in month M, on a weekly basis.

In the event that the volumes communicated monthly exceed the volumes planned at the end of the previous year by at least 25%, VIR by JP reserves the right to refuse all or part of the excess volumes.

Likewise, if the volumes observed in a given week exceeded the volumes communicated monthly, VIR by JP reserves the right to postpone them to the following week and so on.

Despite everything, it is understood that VIR by JP will do its utmost to absorb excess volumes, if it considers that they do not put it at risk of saturating its network and its means of production in general.

Unloading trucks in the VIR by JP network

Trucks from the principal injected into the VIR by JP network must be subject to a prior appointment, at least 72 hours before, by email and necessarily via the appointment management tool. VIR by JP (Shiptify) for injections at the hub. These appointment requests must be validated by VIR by JP, at the latest 48 hours before the arrival of the truck. In the event of no response within this deadline, and provided that the 72-hour notice period is respected by the principal, the validation of VIR by JP may be considered as acquired by the principal.

In the event that the truck arrives early, VIR by JP will have no obligation to unload this truck in advance but will do its best to unload it as quickly as possible.

In the event that the truck is more than one hour late, VIR by JP will not be required to unload it immediately but will do its best to unload it as quickly as possible.

Likewise, VIR by JP cannot make unloading wait more than one hour after the scheduled meeting time. Fixed injection schedules will be preferred.

Loading trucks into the VIR by JP network (reverse flow)

The unloading rules will apply identically to reverse truck loadings.

Appointment made at least 72 hours in advance (possibility of having a fixed schedule) accompanied by formal or implicit agreement in the absence of a response.
No advance loading guaranteed and loading as quickly as possible in case of delay of the truck coming to load
Service limits within services

The principal will have the obligation to be perfectly clear and unambiguous in the description of the services that the company VIR by JP must provide to the consumer, based on the services requested from it in the transport orders.

The service limits must be communicated to the end consumer at the time of the purchase and in the various purchase confirmations, so that the relationship between the end consumer and the delivery team is as fluid as possible.


For making an appointment with the end consumer made by VIR by JP, it is agreed that VIR by JP will make at least 4 attempts to contact the consumer, over a minimum period of 4 days, via SMS, emails and telephone contacts. In the event that the end consumer remains unreachable, responsibility for making an appointment will be transferred to the principal, who will then have 15 calendar days to arrange this appointment, in accordance with VIR’s transport plan. by JP. If within these 15 days, the date and appointment slot are not communicated to VIR by JP, the latter may automatically return the goods to the principal as part of the reverse flow.

The principal undertakes not to encourage the consumer in one way or another to unpack the delivered items in the presence of the delivery team when the unpacking service is not provided for in the requested service. (LC and LS).

If it is impossible to pass the item through the front door or through a window on the ground floor in the case of services other than ED and LC, the use of a furniture lift will be offered by VIR by JP and will be the subject of a quote that the DO will be free to accept or not. If the latter refuses, the item will be reversed to be returned to the DO and the initial delivery service will be invoiced.

In order to comply with regulations, a shift to 4 delivery drivers will be necessary if at least one of the packages weighs more than 110kg. This delivery option must be transmitted in the transport order by interface by the ordering party. In the event of absence of this option in the transport order, it will be automatically added by VIR by JP and will be invoiced at the same time as the transport order.

Taken deposit (ED)

This service is not subject to any prior appointment making, leaving the end consumer the possibility of coming to collect their item whenever they wish within the agency’s opening hours, without having to notify VIR by JP of its day and time of passage.

This service is not subject to any prior appointment making, leaving the end consumer the possibility of coming to collect their item whenever they wish within the agency’s opening hours, without having to notify VIR by JP of its day and time of passage.

No handling assistance may be required from the end consumer, in particular to insert their item(s) into their vehicle.

The end consumer must sign the delivery note (PDA) before carrying out any handling of the item. In addition, the final consumer will assume all responsibilities during transport from the agency to his home, including for any damage that the goods may suffer during this transport.

The item(s) must be collected within 15 days following the communication of availability on the local platform.

Economy delivery (LC)

This service is limited to the delivery of the goods to the truck, without any handling assistance, as close as possible to the entrance to the individual house or building of the end consumer, within the limits of legal possibilities ( parking authorization) and practical (parking already occupied, path too narrow or not passable, etc.)

Standard delivery (LS)

This service is limited to the delivery of the goods in a single room indicated by the end consumer, without unpacking and de facto without taking back the packaging, with no limit on floors and not subject to the presence of an elevator. The doors to pass through must be wide enough to allow packages to pass through.

Delivery with unpacking (LD)

This service is made up of the standard delivery service (LS) to which is added the unpacking of the items and the evacuation of the packaging with a view to being injected into a treatment and recovery flow.
Specific features exist for each family of products:

Kit furniture: Not offered
Sofas and armchairs: No assembly of legs (including in the presence of pre-drilling) and armrests or headrests, no connection of modules (Ex: corner sofas)
White and brown products: No connection and commissioning
Delivery with installation (LI)

This service directly complements the service with unpacking (LD), by offering a “ready to use” service with the exception of white and brown products for which the specific LE service is provided (the LI service only concerns sofas, bedding and assembled furniture) This is exclusively tool-free installation (connecting the seat elements of a corner sofa, screwing the feet and fixing the headrests on sofas and armchairs, etc.) , requiring no more than 15 minutes for 2 delivery people. Please note that the feet are only assembled if pre-drilled (no use of a drill)

Delivery with commissioning (LE)

Services with commissioning must be carried out on a compliant and existing installation. This necessity arises because the VIR by JP delivery teams do not have the skills required for electrical work other than simple connections.
The following services are included in the “LE” service:

Search for channels (only TNT channels)
Connection to the water supply (dishwasher, washing machine and American fridge)
Unblocking the washing machine
Gas connection (cooking plates)
Installation of an electric domino, only for cooking plates

The following services are excluded from the LE service:

Connecting the TV to the internet box, with or without CPL boxes
Setting up the internet box
Passage through cable trays
Wall mounting (TV, bookcase, etc.)
Wall drilling
Assembly/covering of the product door with existing kitchen furniture for built-in products
Summary training on the functions of large household appliances

Delivery with assembly (LM)

This service will be carried out only on kit furniture, without the need for drilling and without wall fixing. The VIR by JP delivery team may only be required to use basic tools (screwdriver, hammer, wrenches)
The assembly times transmitted via interface in the assembly order must be at least those indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions. Since these assembly times are very often underestimated, they may be revised by VIR by JP with the agreement of the principal if they prove insufficient to carry out quality work. In the event of disagreement to adjust the assembly time allocated to a given item, VIR by JP may decide to no longer accept this item with the assembly service.
The assembly instructions are necessarily in the official language of the country of delivery.
The assembly of the furniture will be carried out in accordance with the instructions in the assembly instructions.

Return of goods from the end consumer

Returns of goods, with or without redelivery, are carried out by VIR by JP under the following conditions:

The items are not necessarily packaged by the consumer, VIR by JP taking care to protect the items before handling.
Certain items must be prepared for recovery: Disconnection of household appliances (water, gas and electricity), empty and dry refrigerators and freezers, empty furniture
The recovery location must be perfectly accessible
For simple returns, whatever the service provided during the initial delivery, the price applied will be that of a standard delivery (so-called standard return)
If it is a return with redelivery, the service transmitted in the delivery order must not be less than the standard delivery (no curbside delivery when there is a return to be made)
In the event that it is necessary to dismantle the piece of furniture to be taken back, assembly pricing will be applied (return with dismantling)
Recovery of old products (WEEE & DEA)

DEA collection is a collection service for old furniture equipment. This service takes place upon delivery of your product and is only applicable to furniture, sofas and bedding.
WEEE collection (Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment) is a collection service for equipment operating using electric currents or electromagnetic fields, that is to say all equipment operating with an electrical outlet, a battery or a (rechargeable) accumulator.
Within the framework of the laws on WEEE and DEA, reinforced by the AGEC law, VIR by JP can recover old materials to inject them into the recycling channels created for this. WEEE must be emptied / defrosted / cables attached

The AED must be packaged, protected and secured:

Furniture: Disassembled with all elements attached together
Mattress: Fully covered and protected.
Sofas: Protected in their entirety with a cover

These options have become mandatory with the AGEC law, whether requested at the time of purchase or at the time of delivery.

Please note that these returns for destruction are carried out on the principle of 1 for 1, that is to say that the delivery teams will only be able to take back the equivalent in quantity and quality of what they have delivered ( Examples: 1 sofa versus 1 sofa, 1 dishwasher versus 1 dishwasher, etc.).
Whether or not these options are requested in the transport order, they will systematically be

Cancellation of orders and delivery or resumption appointments

Cancellations of transport orders must be communicated to VIR by JP exclusively via the CRM. No cancellation transmitted orally, by email or by post can be taken into account by VIR by JP.
Once the transport order is canceled in the VIR by JP information systems, the goods will automatically and without delay be directed to the reverse flow.
Cancellation fees will be charged to DOs in order to cover the costs borne by the company VIR by JP before and during the cancellation operation. Two scenarios:
– If cancellation is requested while the goods concerned are still at the hub, a flat rate will be invoiced to cover the costs of reception at the hub, transfer to the reverse hub and the administrative costs incurred.
– If cancellation is requested while the goods are already in the local platform, invoicing will relate to the outbound approach (Hub => local platform) and return approach (local platform => Hub reverse), as well as a flat rate to cover administrative costs. Cancellation of a delivery or collection appointment is authorized at no additional cost up to 24 working hours before the appointment time. Beyond that, the service will be invoiced to the DOs as if the service had been carried out and a new appointment will be scheduled later.

Transfer of responsibility

Transfer of responsibility – From the client to VIR by JP

The transfer of responsibility when taking charge of the goods in the VIR by JP network is materialized exclusively by the arrival report automatically transmitted by the latter to its principal within 48 working hours following the start of unloading. of the truck.
This arrival report transmitted electronically (email and interface) will describe in quantity and quality what was received in the truck.

Will be mentioned in particular:

Packages received compliant
Missing packages compared to the order giver’s announcement
Surplus packages compared to the order giver’s announcement
Packages damaged but deemed presentable to the end consumer (“deliverable damage”)
Packages that are damaged and deemed unpresentable to the end consumer (“undeliverable damage”)
Unidentified packages (absence of label)

Once this arrival report has been transmitted, any damage to the goods (damage, loss, etc.) will be the responsibility of VIR by JP and may give rise to litigation for the DO.
The truck driver will be required to attend unloading so that he can mention reservations on the CMR in the event of handling that he considers compromising the integrity of the goods.

Transfer of responsibility – From VIR by JP to the end consumer

Upon delivery, the annotation and signature of the electronic delivery note (PDA) will signify transfer of responsibility between VIR by JP and the end consumer.
For deliveries outside the home (ED and LC), proof of identity will be requested from the end consumer.

Transfer of responsibility – From the final consumer to VIR by JP

During returns, the annotation and signature of the electronic return form (PDA) will signify transfer of responsibility between the end consumer and VIR by JP.
Until return to the DOs as part of reverse logistics, the goods will be placed under the responsibility of VIR by JP.

Transfer of responsibility – From VIR by JP to the client

In the most common case where the transport of reverse trucks is organized by the principal, the transfer of responsibility will take place at the time of signing the CMR at the time of removal of the goods.

Limits of liability of VIR by JP

The liability of VIR by JP is limited to repairing only justified material damage.

Losses and damage

With the exception of a possible derogatory written notice, the liability of VIR by JP for loss or damage cannot be penalized beyond 30% including tax of the sales price including tax of the item concerned, within a maximum of 1000€ including tax , this amount including compensation for the item and its transport costs.
No dispute can be requested on deliveries and/or returns older than 3 months from the delivery/recovery date.

Absence of the end consumer during delivery

If the consumer is absent or unreachable within the delivery window (2 hours), a notice of delivery is left, mentioning the terms of the second presentation.
The initial service is invoiced to the client.

Do not pass

The principal will have the obligation to have its consumers verify that the packages can pass through the doors to reach the delivery room.
In the event that it is necessary to unpack the items beforehand to transport them, the delivery team will have the end consumer sign a waiver, waiving VIR by JP’s liability regarding the damage to the items, floors and walls.
If delivery is not possible, the ordering party will be offered a service with a freight elevator which they may refuse. If this option is refused, the initial service will be invoiced and the goods will be reversed.

Damaged when loading the vehicle during removal from the platform (ED)

During withdrawals from the agency, if the end consumer damages the goods when loading them into their vehicle, VIR by JP cannot be held responsible, even if the agents of the company VIR by JP were required to help the final consumer in this realization (e.g.: pregnant woman, disabled person, etc.), despite the fact that this service is not planned.

Exceptional events

Certain exceptional events will occasionally exempt VIR by JP from liability, protecting it against all forms of financial consequences.
Without this list being exhaustive, the following events will fall within this scope:

Exceptional weather conditions (snowfall and snow-covered roads, storm, hail, etc.)
Widespread fuel shortages
Closure of mountain passes
Holiday periods in areas with very high tourist density
Expression of dispute requests

Dispute requests must only be transmitted in the form of tickets via the VIR by JP CRM or the Horizon portal.
These requests must include the following information:

The reference of the ordering party
The name of the end consumer
The platform at the origin of the dispute
The nature of the dispute
The sales price including tax of the goods concerned, specifically paid by the consumer concerned by the dispute, including any possible rebate
The amount induced by the dispute (30%)

Disputes can only be justified in 2 ways:

A self-declaration of loss or breakage at the dock from VIR by JP within its network
BL annotations for damage and missing items on delivery.

Claims are limited to one claim per transport order, it being understood that a settlement constitutes full and final settlement for any loss or damage in connection with the transport order.
No dispute can be requested on deliveries and/or returns older than 3 months from the delivery/recovery date.

Billing for disputes

The principal will only be able to invoice VIR by JP for a lost, broken and/or missing item after obtaining a dispute number given by VIR by JP via the CRM. This dispute number must appear on the invoice issued by the ordering party.
The principal must invoice monthly for disputes validated in the past month, annexing to the invoice an Excel file in a format imposed by VIR by JP (Appendix 3)
The parties agree on the fact that the disputes item cannot exceed 5% of the turnover achieved by the company VIR by JP with its principal.


Weight control

As the prices are structured around the weight of the products to be delivered or collected, VIR by JP will be authorized to carry out weight control campaigns.
They will consist of unexpectedly weighing a sample of 200 packages over the shortest possible period and comparing the weight announced in the transport order and the measured weight.
In the event of a discrepancy resulting in a loss of turnover greater than 0.5%, VIR by JP will communicate the elements measured to its client, giving him 15 days to carry out a second opinion.
In the event that the measure is not contestable by the DO, the latter must:

Pay a regularization of an amount equal to the difference in turnover observed over the entire calendar year already passed
Correct your database within 30 days following the end of the second-examination period so as to transmit the actual weights in the transport orders.
Payment of invoices

Invoices are issued monthly and payable within 30 days of issue.
In the event of disagreement over an invoice, the DO undertakes to pay the entire amount of the invoice without delay and to indicate in writing to VIR by JP, without delay, the reason for its dispute.
Loss or damage does not under any circumstances allow the DO to suspend, in whole or in part, payments due to VIR by JP.
Unilateral attribution of the amount of the alleged damages to the price of the services due is prohibited.
The parties agree that the reciprocal claims and debts arising from the execution of these conditions cannot be compensated on the sole initiative of one or the other of them.
In accordance with article L.441-6 of the commercial code, any sum not paid on the due date will automatically and without prior notice produce interest calculated on the basis of the interest rate applied by the Central Bank. European Union to its most recent refinancing operation increased by 10 percentage points, with a minimum of three (3) times the legal interest, as well as the payment of a lump sum of forty (40) euros due for costs recovery
In the event of non-compliance with an agreed deadline, all invoices not yet due therefore become, and automatically, due, including those which would have been subject to special conditions. In addition, VIR by JP will in this case have the right to demand cash payment of all sums due or which have become due as a result, before carrying out any new transport service.
The carrier has on all goods and values entrusted to it, in application of articles L133-7 of the Commercial Code and 2286 of the Civil Code, right of retention and preferably as guarantee of all its claims, even arising in connection with operations prior to or unrelated to the goods and values retained. Furthermore, whatever the capacity in which the Carrier intervenes, the principal expressly recognizes a right of conventional lien carrying a right of retention and of general and permanent preference on all goods, value and documents in its possession, and this, as guarantee for all of its debts (invoices, interest, costs incurred) that the carrier holds against it, even prior to or unrelated to the operations carried out with regard to the goods, values and documents which are actually in its hands

Packaging of goods

The goods entrusted by the principal to VIR by JP must imperatively include protection adapted to their intrinsic characteristics (fragility, weight, etc.) so as to be compatible with the multiple and delicate handling which will be carried out during the course of the operations. transport and delivery.
In addition, product components must be immobilized, including in the event of package inversion or heavy handling.
By large article family and by analogy with other families not mentioned, the requirements are as follows:

Furniture: 5-ply corrugated double cardboard, corners and supports, dimension of the cardboard in accordance with the dimensions of the contents in order to avoid any movement inside the cardboard, positioning of the parts and their protection inside must prevent deterioration of the components by crushing
Large household appliances and high-tech: Ultra-reinforced cardboard packaging or shrink packaging with all sides protected.
Sofas and armchairs: Plastic film minimum 100 micron and cardboard plates on the hard parts.
Mattress and box spring: Cardboard or plastic cover minimum 100 microns

Obvious packaging inadequacies will be the entire responsibility of the ordering party.
VIR by JP reserves the right to refuse and return goods that it considers insufficiently protected.
In the event that an item or a family of items presents damage rates greater than 10% upon delivery (in number or value), whether or not attributable to the carrier, VIR by JP reserves the right to no longer take charge of them until the ordering party has implemented adaptations allowing them to consider falling below this maximum rate.

Confidentiality and protection of personal data (GDPR)

Both during the execution of the contract and after its expiration, for whatever reason and for five (5) years following this expiration, the parties will keep strictly confidential all information exchanged within the framework of their exchanges and contractual relations.
The carrier and its principal place the same obligation of confidentiality on their employees and agents.
As part of the services entrusted to it, the company VIR by JP may be required to process personal data belonging to its principals and their recipients.
The purpose of this chapter is to specify the obligations of VIR by JP in terms of management of personal data that it may process and/or to which it may have access in the context of the performance of the services which it provides. are entrusted to it by its principals.
As part of its contractual relations, VIR by JP is responsible for processing personal data entrusted by the principals for the following purposes:

The execution of the transport service, including package tracking, sending delivery notifications to end consumers and managing delivery preferences,
Carrying out the measurement of the level of satisfaction of end consumers

The retention periods of personal data cannot exceed the legal periods.
In order to ensure the protection of personal data as well as their compliant processing, VIR by JP undertakes to:

Have an internal personal data protection policy;
Process the personal data entrusted to it solely for the needs arising from the execution of this contract.
Inform individuals of the processing of their personal data for the purposes of executing this contract

As such, VIR by JP guarantees:

Maintain your data controller register,
Implementation of measures enabling compliance with applicable regulations,
The processing of personal data in a fair and lawful manner,
The appointment of a data protection officer (“DPO”).

Clients must collect and transmit the personal data of their own end consumers to VIR by JP for the execution of transport services. The principal therefore undertakes in advance to provide all information relating to the collection, transfer and processing of this personal data, in accordance with Article 13 of the GDPR.
The principal undertakes to inform its own end consumers of the transfers of personal data for the proper execution of the services.
More generally, the principal undertakes to comply with all applicable regulations regarding the protection of personal data.
VIR by JP undertakes to guarantee the security, integrity and confidentiality of personal data communicated by the principal or end consumer and to process them in accordance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data.
More particularly, VIR by JP undertakes in particular to put in place technical and organizational measures to ensure, taking into account the state of the art, a level of security and confidentiality appropriate to the risks presented. by the processing and nature of the personal data processed.

In any case, VIR by JP undertakes, in the event of a change in the means aimed at ensuring the security, integrity and confidentiality of personal data, to replace them with means of at least equivalent performance.
No development can lead to a reduction in the level of security.
Personal data processed in execution of the contract may not be subject to any disclosure to third parties except in the cases provided for in the contract or those provided for by a legal and/or regulatory provision.
VIR by JP undertakes to ensure that, for the entire duration of the contract, personal data is hosted in data centers located within the territory of the European Union.
VIR by JP prohibits any cross-border flow of personal data, whatever it may be, outside the European Union, without the prior written consent of the principal.
VIR by JP freely defines the routes and means of transport and entrusts the execution of the services to one or more subcontractors, within the meaning of the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, of its choice.
VIR by JP undertakes to impose on its subcontractor(s) the same obligations as those set out in this contract so that the confidentiality, security and integrity of personal data are respected.
The principal, if he wishes, may carry out an audit, directly or through any independent external subcontractor, not a direct competitor of VIR by JP, in order to ensure compliance with VIR’s obligations. by JP falling under the regulations on the protection of personal data.
A “security incident” (hereinafter referred to as “incident”) means a security violation resulting, accidentally or unlawfully, in the destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure to third parties of personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed, or unauthorized access to such data.
VIR by JP undertakes to inform its clients as soon as possible of any incident resulting in accidental or illicit loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access to personal data subject to the treatment.

In accordance with the GDPR, VIR by JP is committed to allowing principals and its end consumers to exercise their rights, including:

The right of access: extraction in a readable format of the information that VIR by JP has, within the framework of the relationship with the Client, on the Person Concerned based on a package number;
The right of rectification or deletion, for which a certificate of execution may be requested;
The right to portability of personal data;

VIR by JP undertakes to process the request within the legal and regulatory deadlines provided.

Addresses and contact details of VIR by JP platforms
France distribution hub

182 Route de Marolles 41330 FOSSÉ FRANCE
Switchboard: +33 (0)2 54 55 47 50

Hub reverse

7 Rue des Mardeaux, 41000 Villebarou
Switchboard: +33 (0)2 54 43 50 94

Local platforms (network subject to regular change)
Platform Address Delivery Dept (1)
BE – Brussels Rue du Travail 2, 1400 Nivelles, Belgium Belgium & Luxembourg
FR – Bordeaux 22 Chemin d’Auguste, 33610 Cestas 24-33-40-47-64
FR – Blois 133, avenue de Vendôme, 41000 Blois 18-36-37-41-45-72
FR – Brest Z.A Penhoät, 29800 Saint-Divy 29
FR – Brignoles 172 Impasse de Peyrouas, 83340 Flassans sur Issole 04-05-06-83-98
FR – Caen 15 rue du Marais, 14630 Frenouville 14-50-61
FR – Clermont-Ferrand 15 Boulevard Louis Chartoire, 63100 Clermont-Ferrand 03-15-19-23-43-63
FR – Dijon 7 Rue du Port, 21600 Longvic 21-25-39-52-58-70-71
FR – Lille ZA du Château, rue Albert Einstein, 62220 Carvin 59-62-80
FR – Lyon 11 avenue du 24 august 1944 – Building A1, 69960 Corbas 01-07-26-38-42-69-73-74
FR – Montpellier 6 Rue Maryse Bastié, ZI de La Lauze, 34430 Saint-Jean de Vedas 34-48
FR – Nantes La Gare, 44440 Pannecé 44-49
FR – Nancy 28 avenue des Erables, 54180 Heillecourt 08-51-54-55-57-88
FR – Niort 131 zone la Clielle, 79270 Frontenay-Rohan-Rohan 16-17-79-85-86-87
FR – Paris 6-8 boulevard Olof Palme, 77184 Emerainville Ile de France
FR – Rennes ZA The potter’s cross, Rue André Citroën, 35131 Chartres-De-Bretagne 22-35-53-56
FR – Revel 38 Rue Francois Arago, ZI de la Pomme, 31250 Revel 09-11-66
FR – Rouen 15-21 rue Etienne Dolet, 76140 Le petit Quevilly 27-76
FR – Salon de Provence 932 Avenue Gabriel Voisin, 13300 Salon de Provence 13-30-84
FR – Strasbourg 12 Rue de Baldenheim, 67820 Wittisheim 67-68-90
FR – Toulouse 8 Avenue de Fondeyre, 31200 Toulouse 31-32-46-65-81-82-12
(1) Data for information purposes only, see precise information in the distribution plan made available on the Horizon portal


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